Hasbro WWF Wrestling Figures [WWF1]


Hasbro WWF Wrestling Figure Protective Cases

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These cases are for the vintage Hasbro WWF and modern “retro” style with similar card.  These fit the single wrestler cards only, they do not fit the tag team or 2-pack cards.

The cases are stackable, sit straight up (do not lean forward on a flat surface) and have a hang tab for wall hanging.



Fitment Guide

Exact Fit Fits Centered Does Not Fit
Vintage Hasbro WWF single wrestler cards
2020 Hasbro Style WWF/WWE figures
WWF 2-packs or Tag Team Duo packs

Additional information

Weight 0.266 lbs
Minimum Cardback Size

7.15" Wide, 8.18" Tall

Maximum Cardback Size

7.65" Wide, 9.3" Tall

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