Toy Shield cases were the vision of collectors that not only had the need for custom fit cases, but had criticisms on the options that were currently available.  So after talking with several collectors and getting opinions from different MOC collectors about case wishes and criticisms, we ended up expanding on the good and cutting out the bad and Toy Shield was born.

Plastic cases are a great way to keep your collection protected from accidental damage and dust.  People underestimate dust accumulation and how harmful it can be over time.  Even cleaning off dust can add micro scratches to sensitive parts of the figure like the plastic bubbles and glossy cardbacks.  People that like to hang figures on the wall can damage the punch tab hole by hanging them directly from the cardboard (not to mention it’s not an option for “unpunched” cardbacks), and if they are accidentally knocked off the wall (it happens!) it can be devastating without a plastic case.  The obvious choice for display for most collectors is acrylic cases, due to their hard protective nature and streamlined look, but the down side is the extreme high price compared to the softer plastic PVC cases.


So… what makes Toy Shield better?



Our goal is to keep the price significantly lower than our competitors, and make it affordable to put a case on every figure to keep your collection safe.


Larger front window

Since a very big appeal to several MOC collectors is the packaging itself, it made the most sense to keep the visible area the largest possible on the cases we make.  Certain competitors will make the bubbles on their cases stop halfway up the case then go flat, which distorts the packaging logo and cardback artwork, which some collectors consider to be as important as the toy itself!  So at Toy Shield we tried to minimize the amount of visible warping and give the largest display window possible.



The surface area on the front is maximized to allow easy and sturdy stacking.  Certain competitors cut the bubble support off halfway up the cardback, and it makes stacking them risky.  Also the edges aren’t rounded like our competition because this would increase the risk of a stack falling.


Sits up straight

An alternative to hanging the figures up from the hang tab on the cases is to display them standing up on shelves or other flat display surfaces.  Certain competitors that have similar cases make the cases focused on wall hanging, but when you try to stand them on a shelf, they lean forward due to the lip on the bottom being taller than the support on the front.  At Toy Shield we redesigned the cases to sit straight up and down to leave your display options open.

We may not be “the best” in all aspects, and we know this, but we’re hoping to at least be the best in our focus areas above and provide you the most cost effective alternative to the high expense of acrylic cases.  We would also love to hear your feedback on how to improve our products or give suggestions to products we don’t yet carry.  Happy collecting!