Do you have a case that fits ____ product?
All of our product pages have individual measurements listed in the product specifications.  If we don’t make a case specifically for your toy line, one of our cases may still fit.  To make it easier to find measurements, we’ve compiled a list in the tables below (table for English and another for Metric).

Min Width Max Width Min Height Max Height Depth (Bubble)
FPOP1 (box) 4.625″ 5.3125″ 3.625″
HW1 5.125″ 5.5″ 6.875″ 7.25″ 2.4″
PM1 5.5″ 6.5″ 11.5″ 12″ 2.7″
MTB1 6.75″ 7″ 9.3″ 10″ 2.25″
SP1 6.75″ 7″ 8.75″ 9″ 2.75″
BAT1 6.68″ 7.43″ 11.75″ 12″ 2.7″
TMNT1 7.5″ 7.75″ 10″ 10.37″ 2.5″
BAT2 7.62″ 8″ 11.75″ 12″ 3″
RGB1 7.9″ 8.5″ 11.75″ 12″ 2.4″
RGB2 7.9″ 8.63″ 11.75″ 12.13″ 3″
TMNT2 8.62″ 9″ 11″ 12″ 2.125″
WWF1 7.15″ 7.65″ 8.8″ 9.3″ 3.5″
JOE 5.65″ 6.06″ 7.8″ 10.06″ 2.5″
HW2 4.05″ 4.55″ 12.25″ 13.06″ 2″
Min Width Max Width Min Height Max Height Depth (Bubble)
FPOP1 (box) 11.74cm 13.49cm 9.2cm
HW1 13.02cm 13.97cm 17.46cm 18.41cm 6.09cm
PM1 13.97cm 16.51cm 29.21cm 30.48cm 6.85cm
MTB1 17.15cm 17.78cm 23.62cm 25.4cm 5.71cm
SP1 17.15cm 17.78cm 22.22cm 22.86cm 6.98cm
BAT1 16.99cm 18.89cm 29.85cm 30.48cm 6.85cm
TMNT1 19.05cm 19.68cm 27.94cm 26.35cm 6.35cm
BAT2 19.37cm 20.32cm 29.85cm 30.48cm 7.62cm
RGB1 20cm 21.59cm 29.85cm 30.48cm 6.09cm
RGB2 20cm 21.92cm 29.85cm 30.81cm 7.62cm
TMNT2 21.91cm 22.86cm 27.94cm 30.48cm 5.4cm
WWF1 18.16cm 19.43cm 22.35cm 23.62cm 8.89cm
JOE 14.31cm 15.39cm 19.81cm 25.55cm 6.35cm
HW2 10.29cm 11.56cm 31.12cm 33.17cm 5.08cm

Not all of the Real Ghostbusters fit the RGB1 case.  Is there a fitment guide?
Yes.  Please check this post:

Updated Answer!  We have phased out the RGB1 case and the RGB2 case now solves all of the issues we ran into.

I live in Oklahoma and selected Local Pickup as my shipping option.  Where are you located?
Vintage Toy Mall
525 W Main St
Jenks, OK 74037

I placed my order, how long does it take to ship?
Less than a week.  Most of the time we can pack the day after your order and the post office will pick up the day after that.  2-3 day processing time is common.  Larger orders may take a few days longer.  Or if we are out of stock at the store we ship through (Vintage Toy Mall) and have to get more product from the warehouse then it may slow down the order some too.  There are many variables but ultimately it will take us less than a week to get your order shipped.

I got a successful order confirmation on the screen but haven’t gotten an email with confirmation or shipping confirmation.  Did my order go through?
Yes it did.  We’re not sure why some emails go through and others don’t.  You can log into your account on the website and it will show up in your order history.  Also, you might try the spam or junk folder and see if it got filtered there.

The bottoms of the cases have folded inward during shipping.  Are those defective?
Since the cases are shipped stacked, especially in large orders, the ones on the end will settle and the bottoms can get pushed upward. This is how we receive them from the factory as well. They are not defective, the plastics are flexible and resilient enough to not get crush marked or stressed when this happens, simply put a back cover on and it straightens right out without ever showing signs of it settling during shipping.

I’m not in the US and the shipping calculations aren’t working. What do I do?
We’ve had a few technical difficulties with our shipping calculator plugins when it comes to non-US addresses. Right now the best rates we’ve been able to get for International have been through USPS. Simply add the items to your cart and email us to get a shipping quote. We’ve recently added an option to our checkout for “Request quote through email” as a shipping option. It will process your payment without shipping charges, then we’ll invoice you for shipping separately.

My shipping quote seems high, is that accurate?
We do charge actual shipping costs, based on the online shipping quote calculators. Shipping is based on weight and geography, so naturally the size of the order and where it’s being shipped have a lot to do with the price of the shipment. We do calculate shipping directly with USPS and UPS. For the larger boxes, we recommend UPS for domestic (US), since we get a small price break and that is automatically applied to the shipping calculation on our website. UPS cannot ship to PO boxes, however. And USPS is usually the cheaper route. If you would like to arrange alternate shipping methods, feel free to email us before ordering. We are shipping from zip code 74012. Some examples of shipping weights: For 33 Super Powers cases, it’s approx 7.5 lbs shipping weight. For a 100-pack of TMNT cases, it’s around 26 lbs.

I see a field in Checkout for Coupon Code.  Can I message you to get coupons or discounts?
No, we don’t have coupons readily available, HOWEVER if we are running promos or sales they are all announced on our Facebook page.  Be sure to follow for special pricing offers.  For volume purchases, discounts are already automatically calculated in the shopping cart, there is no need to use a special coupon code to get these discounts.

I sent a message with my PayPal payment, did you see it?
No, we don’t see these.  Our system is automated and we don’t log into PayPal to see the payments so notes aren’t noticed.  Please email us or message us on Facebook if you have a note to add to your order.

Can you declare a different value for international customs forms?
No, we don’t fill out any customs forms when we ship.  Our system is automated and there is no where to modify the customs form on our system before we print the label.  The values on the customs forms will be the honest value and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Are the cases Acid-Free?
Yes, the cases are made with high grade acid-free PVC.

Can I buy these in a store?
Yes you can!  Vintage Toy Mall in Oklahoma is the exclusive distributor of Toy Shield cases, and they can be purchased in person at the following location:
Vintage Toy Mall
525 W Main St
Jenks, OK 74037
Message them on Facebook

I have a toy/collectible store and would like to sell Toy Shield products in my store, do you offer wholesale pricing?
Our shopping cart software automatically calculates bulk rate discounts, so if you buy more than the average collector you will be getting a better price without any special wholesaler status.  We have also been told by many of the stores that buy our product for resale that they charge over what we charge anyways since our prices are much lower than competitors cases to begin with.  The reason we do this is so we can keep the prices as low as possible for everyone.  While that doesn’t leave much incentive for re-sellers, a lot of stores do pretty well with our product.