Playmates Darkwing Duck (90s) [TMNT1]


These cases fit standard size 90’s Playmates Darkwing Duck

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These cases fit Playmates Darkwing Duck figures (1990s) and other figures that were made with the same size cardback.

These cases are thick clear PVC and are designed to keep the edges of the cardback flat in place without warping. The case depth allows for enough clearance to occupy the figures with the deepest bubbles. The design of the cases grab just the edges of the cardback to allow for the most visibility and to not obstruct the logo or the cardback artwork. The cases are stackable, sit straight up (do not lean forward on a flat surface) and have a hang tab for wall hanging.

Note: These are exactly the same case as the TMNT cases.


Fitment Guide

Exact Fit Fits Centered Does Not Fit
90s Playmates Darkwing Duck
Tall Card TMNT (Star Trek, Pizza Tossin’, etc)
Super Powers Darkseid
Toy Biz DC Super Heroes

Additional information

Weight 0.327 lbs
Minimum Cardback Size

7.5" Wide, 10" Tall

Maximum Cardback Size

7.75" Wide, 10.375" Tall

Bubble Depth



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