Real Ghostbusters Fitment Guide

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Note: Regarding the previous RGB1 case.  It has been discontinued and replaced with the slightly larger RGB2 size that should fit more Ghostbusters series and subsets than before.  Including the new 2020 Walmart released reissues.

Toys marked with a question mark (?) means we haven’t been able to confirm the fitment, if you have these and can send pics or other confirmation it would be much appreciated!  And we’ll update the list as we get confirmed fits.  Thanks!

RGB1 (discontinued) Exact Fit RGB2 (Now In Stock)
Exact Fit
TMNT2 Fits Centered TMNT1 No Case
Original Series 1 (not ghosts) yes yes
Original Series 2 yes yes
Super Fright Features yes yes
Monsters yes yes
Ecto Glow yes yes
Fearsome Flush yes yes
Slimed Heroes yes yes
Mini-Shooters yes
Bad to the Bone ?
Stay Puft ?
Green Ghost yes yes
Power Pack yes yes
Haunted Humans yes yes
Pull Speed Ahead ? ?
Brain Blaster ? ?
Finger Pop Friends ? ?
Green Ghost w/Proton Pack yes
Fright Features yes? (reports of “no” also) yes
Screaming Heroes yes yes
Filmation Ghostbusters yes? (some do)